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Thanks Elena, nice to be part of the clan!

Regarding the smoking business, I was watching a programme where people who had quit smoking were talking about how they managed to kick the habit. I thought to myself, if all these people managed why can't I! I had smoked for quite a while, enjoyed it but never even considered stopping so to suddenly decide that I was going to quit was a bit of a shock.

Occasionally I do find it difficult but at the end of the day it's all in the mind. When you consider the harmful effects it causes it should be easy! Easy it isn't but if you want to, you can. Just take a deep breath when you feel like a drag!
Hey Chris, I know that guy on the left (Mike) - Malta is too darn small!
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Hi Chris. And you Mike. You can come to Romania to settle the debt. I promise you three-four wonderful days- barbacues, my mousakka, excellent Romanian wines, Hungarian Unicum , a few good pubs... Come to where the flavour is.Emotion: smile
Chris, Imi has made us a most generous invitation! What do you think? Time to pack?
Mike, I am very, very tempted here! Imi, thanks for the offer. If I save a few pennies too I might take you up! We're all going on a summer holiday!!!
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Pieter is the host. I'm his bodyguard.
Chris, would you like to be my bodyguard?Emotion: wink
Believe me, you wouldn't want me as a bodyguard!!! I'm far too thin and I don't like getting into trouble. You'll have to ask Hitch, Mike or Woody but for some funny reason I think they'll decline the offer too.
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That song always reminds me of the last episode of the Young Ones....
A gathering would be good...
Bodyguard....HA HA HA! You've been watching too many movies Maj!
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