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The pic was taken 3 years ago in a trendy Austrian nightclub (Volksgarten - for all the Austrains out there) I'm the guy on the right and an Aussie mate of mine Frankie is on the left.

I chose this pic for two reasons, firstly to show Mike in Japan what he owes me (a Fosters) after England won the Rugby world cup (got you there mate!!!) and secondly I think it's the only picture ever taken of me with a cigarette in my hand! As everyone knows I don't smoke anymore - let's see how long it lasts!
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Nice pic Chris!
Ah, the bet!! That's one bet whose debt I sure won't mind paying! I really look forward to the opportunity to square the balance sheet with you Chris! I reckon we should factor in some interest .... maybe 300% per annum? So in two years those two beers will multiply to eighteen, three years = fifty four!!! Yikes, maybe we will need some help drinking them.
P.S. Do they sell Fosters in Malta? Chile? Romania, Spain, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philipines, Greece, India, Belgium, Serbia, Thailand etc? Where is a good location for this debt settling event?
By the way Chris, why were you in Austria? Cricket perhaps, or maybe another debt settling marathon?
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You guessed it first! I was there representing Malta in the ECC European cricket trophy in Vienna. We ended up coming 3rd if my memory serves me correctly. Fantastic city - Vienna.

I think the only Austrian phrase I used was "Ein Pils, Bitter!" Which means "A lager, please"

A phrase worth remembering!!!
Can we say "Ein Fosters Bitter bitte?"
Lol - All this free advertising for Fosters!

Don't drink Aussie beer! It puts hair on your chest! Hang on that's a good thing isn't it, hair on your chest I mean?

I'll have to ask that in the general discussion forums!
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A great picture, pity about the aussie beer!Emotion: wink
I'm pretty sure they have Fosters in Chile, I think it is in the toilet cleaner aisle.
The concept of interest sounds good, I'm sure I lost somewhere along the line (though I normally don't bet) so if there is a gathering somewhere in the world let me know and I'll be there. (Sounds good, as if I had thousands of dollars to through around...ha ha ha..as if...)
Really WW, you must teach those supermarket staff to read English, especially lager labels.

"Read The Labels" is a game I used to play with some of my mad mates during my misspent youth, usually after copious amounts of Fosters and a few strange home made cigarettes, but even with impaired consciousness we never EVER confused toilet cleaner with amber nectar.

Well, it is time for me to toddle off home and test a few Asahi Superdry.
Cheers dudes, and dudettes Emotion: smile
Ah, you said and you did!
Congrats for the no cigarettes anymore, some tip for a friend of mine who wants to stop and he can't?
Welcome to the visages clan.
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