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I always use to think

why Christians have lot of denominations (RC, AG, CSI, Luther King) and differences even within themselves?

Can anybody explaine me this?... Plz...

Hi fellas,

Well, I think they have this because they themselves don't know what to follow ...

no worries man...follow the rules which even Jesus follwed in his life between 12-30...

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Hi Freak,

That could be on way of thinking.

And I dont know what u imply to say using the picture u have posted. Can u explain me that.

"The Prophet Mohammed said, ‘All people are equal, as equal as the teeth of a comb. An Arab is no better than a non-Arab, nor is a white person over a black person, nor is a male superior to the female. The only people who enjoy preference with God are the devout.’"

We're all celebrating the same stuff, honoring the same stories, and basically even reading the same books.

95% of what defines us human beings is the same. 5% is different, and too often we humans choose to focus on that 5%.

What a waste. What a ridiculous self-deception.

I heard that a Scroll was found inside the Red Sea few years back and it is under analysis. Do anybody know about this. Hope this Scroll will give further information about the earlier period.

If anybody know about this kindly give its details.

Peace be with you all.
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I wonder why some christians don't even know the basics of the "holy trinity". Jesus is God, the Father is God and the Holy Spirit is God. They all the same God, but different sides of it, different personas of the same God. Jesus is a whole human being and also a whole God (two sides). It doesn't make sense to me, but that's the way Christians see it.

This example might clarify it: If you add three infinites (the endless number) together, what do you get? An infinite. So there is only one God, but three personas.

I'm not a religious person but I'm interested in religion. And I'm a protestant christian (is there such word? I don't know what "evankelis-luterilainen kristitty" is in english. But Martin Luther was the starter of this.). Anyway, I don't think I believe in any God.
Hi Hallan,

Ofcourse you are right and that is what it is given in bible. FATHER, SON and HOLY SPIRIT are the one and the same.

Protestant Christians are the one who protest against the Roman Catholic rituals n cultures.

To my belief, no one in this world shoul live without believing in GOD because there is some super natural power is controlling us (this universe) and it is GOD.

Try beleiving GOD and experience the change in your life.


I don't need God. I have the strenght to live my life without depending on some "super natural power". I don't think I would be any happier or better person if I believed in God. I can't believe in God because I don't just don't feel it. Believing in God isn't something you can decide to do or try. My logical reasoning is maybe too strong for believing in God or I'm just non-religious person. I see many contradictions in religion and yet not so many in science.
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Do you know the first versa that came to prophet Mohammed Hallanvara?That is just read.Not read this or that or Kuran or holy books or whatsoever.but just read. if you want to see behind the mere facts, if you want to find the God, just try. read Bible or Kuran or others. Believe me, if you sincerely do this and try to find him , he will help you. unfortunately, i know many people who dont believe in anything but they dont even know anything about what they not believe.you can only find God if you want to find him,believe me.

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