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People are different in what he prefers to, if he prefered in inventions that we should accept but if he prefered to mind power that we should not accept or let he felt like that. I would like you to change the red alphabet to be a sweet colour, can you?Emotion: wink

Mind never be poor,Emotion: smile

Hello candle, Thanks for your comments, Whatever Robin wrote I have no objection on that. But what a anonymous wrote just above Robin (might be his name is Richard Thomas) is objectionable. I think one should not comment openly on a subject which he /she doesn't know clearly. And I want to make other people know that India is a secular country, if they have any misconception about that.To be poor is not a problem.But people should know that we are advancing towards prosperity.We are not pitiable now. The people who have stagnant knowledge are rather pitiable.
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Hi Jhumjhum,

Pink is sweeter than red. People say wrong that means they don't know really. They didn't study totally about what they said. Or they have some aim behind, should not lose the way. You didn't remark about the common sense that who would be able to write like this and write for what, and why he put his address. What does he want? Please neglect it.
Hi candle,

With hesitation let me put up a question here. What do u think, BIBLE says about sex or sexual life of a human?. This is not only being a evil issue today. Even in ten commandments it was written that prostitution is a sin. Then it is from the early times that this sin exist.

How do u think about this?Emotion: thinking

Hello Robin ,
I think that sex is a basic instinct of human beings . Some people can get control over it ,but some can not and they do create sin and force other to do sin.Not only Bible but other religious books also do not support it.But can those books restrain people doing sin or ,mop up hatred, jelousy, greed or other evils of human characteristics.I do feel pain when I find people are using there religion for there evil motives.Emotion: sad
CandleI know you are a very good person . I agree with you. But some time we should protest (without shedding bloodEmotion: wink)
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Hello Robin,

Nice to see you again and sorry for my late reply. About the prostituetion and religions is as Jhumjhum told. As I know, the person who has affair or sex with the married person, he or she is a sin because the family of the married person are suffering and painful. About having sex is not the way of mind improving to be purer, this is a case of a holy man or anybody who is in a course of practising about mind, if the one concern to sex even thinking he or she is sinful.

Sex controling is from one thing corncerned that is an evening food, it should not have for the holy man or to be less for a normal man.

All is what I know from my learning from somebody else. If you have any comment, let's share the idea.

No need to be hesitating untill I don't have a chance to see your face.Emotion: smile

Heh! Jhumjhum,

Thanks for your recommendation, I agree with you. About the feeling of talking between messages and facing is really different and knowledge about background of each other that we don't know is also concerned. I am too knowing that you are a very good and broad mind person.Emotion: wink Everybody here is great, I think.
Hi Robin,

One more important thing, to force any unmarried person as Jhumjhum say is also sinful because is in the case of troubling people. And the holy man get sin because of breaking a promise of unconcerning to sex. So prostitution is concerned to sin if the married or holy person concerned or by forcing somebody.

I don't know this is clear or not, I know some little. Let see your idea.

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Hi Jhumjhum,

Nice to have you online now. Do u have any article based on the versions of bible.

If anybody have such article please send me the information about this.

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