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there is no problem and no war between us !! i wanna say both of them are RELIGIONS which was given by god !!! so where is the prob?
What kind of Question is this Dear as you know that sex is not the main issue here whether u ask about the Religion or Sex ? It Is not a good habit u should not puzzle at that christian and Muslim are same! but they are the person who has their Faith on God one is in the name of Jesus and other in the name of Allah or Mohhamad ... At any angle we can say that god is ONE who is The Supereb and only the one. All are same in this contemporary world.

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Isaiah 9:6 For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

Let the Word of God speak for itself!
JESUS is a GOD because he were a GOD and came and came to earth to as a human being . so that i am telling you my advise that JESUS is a GOD. thank you

Hi guys I'm sorry I wasn't there when you started this beautiful discussion.

Dear King Robin I want to congratulate you for your open-mind, and I'm happy I'm talking with such nice friends.

first of all, since Christians and Muslims worship the creator, the one who create heavens, earth, water, fire, Adam and Eve, ghosts, animals, and everything, and since they worship the one who sent Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammad, and all the prophets peace be upon them all, and since those prophet asked us to worship the creator, so they whorship the same God. But there are some diffrences which is Muslims do not believe in Jesus as God. Muslims believe that Jesus is a messenger of the God the same as mohammad or any prophet.

second, you said that the Quran has the Old Testment. Yes there are some articles mentioned in the both the Quran and the Old Testment but not all of what is mentioned nor the same way it appeared.We can see some things mentioned in them both, such as the ten commands, the recommendation of the vail for women, the prohibition of the meat of the pig, the prohibition of the adultery, and some other things.

And if you have any Q about what I said just post it.

And I'm asking you King if you want to talk with me on the messenger it is my pleasure.

Thank you guys.

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And after you read what I'll write, please give me your opinion on it.

"Mohammad peace be upon him is mentioned by name in the Song of Solomon 5:16. the Hebrew word used in this verse is Mahamaddim. the ending letters 'im' is a plural of respect, majesty and grandeur, just as Elohim (the God). Without the 'im' the name becomes Mahamadd which was translated as "altogether lovely" in the Authorized Version of the Bible or 'the praised one'. 'the one worthy of praise'. In Arabic, Mohammad means the one who is most praised.

*Song of Solomon 5:16 : "His mouth is most sweet: yea, he is altogether lovely. this is my beloved, and this is my friend, O daughters of Jerusalem.

Eloh ; Allah

Mahamadd ; Mohammad

Do you think that mahamadd that mentioned in the Bible is Mohammad the messenger of Islam (notice: the first one who named by Mohammad is the messenger of Isalm), and do you think the name Eloh that mentioned in the Bible belongs to the same God of Islam Allah (notice: Arab do not name any one by the Allah but the God)?

What do think???
Hi punisher,

Sorry for the delayed response.

Nice to have you in my thread. I really like your display name. Thats nice.

Its really new fact to me, the mentioning of Mahamadd in BIBLE.

Now I am busy with my semester exams and so let me reach you with my views later by the end of this month probably after completing my exams.

It will be nice to have a chat over Messenger and if MSN it would be rather nice. Do u have hotmail or MSN address. If u have any send it to me let me add to my Messenger. If u dont mind get my ID from my profile. Dont mistake me for this.

It is indeed a Shiva Lingam. It called as Sang-asad in Arabic and in sanskrit shiv lingam called as Sangeya-Aswada, Non white stone.
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Hi all,

Nice to join u after a long time.

Let me put up a question here.

Why does GOD allow sufferings or something like that is unhappy?

Something that make me to think a lot but couldn't find the answer for this. Coz even after we realize the sin we had done we just ask sorry to GOD and again we do the same thing. What is in doing this.

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