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Actually, if you made any claim on my beliefs on the basis of what somebody who is not informed about islam told you, i would Correct you and make you know about it , But then explain to me the meaning of the incarnation of one God in Three persons (as u mentioned before) , i think making prejeduces on something we do not have a basic information about is not my aim. i've went through some chapters but it's not enough for me to maake any comment about things i do not master perfectly so i guess that also some christians make other kind of prejeduces concerning our belifs without any background knowledge.
Rita_maliciathen explain to me the meaning of the incarnation of one God in Three persons (as u mentioned before).

As I said before, it's too big a topic, furthermore in a foreign language, for me to explain. What I can say is:

1. Christians believe that there is only ONE God (the Father)
2. Christians believe that there has been only ONE incarnation (Jesus). There is no such thing as "the incarnation of one God in Three persons."

If you want to learn more about that, I'd suggest having a chat with somebody really informed in your city (a priest, for instance) or having a look at official christian websites. I can provide you with some links to the catholic catechism, where the Trinity is explained (see below); if you prefer learning from protestants or ortodoxes, I'm sure you can find somebody in this forum.

Here is a [url=http://www.vatican.va/archive/ccc_css/archive/catechism/p1s2c1p2.htm#232 ] link [/url] to start with (paragraphs 232-256). The language is not very simple, though (because the topic is not simple, either).

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thanks for the link i will look at it more deeply and try to understand Christian concepts.
Yes, Robin… I also confuse about this matter.

I have read about the history of Christian and Islam. From that book, I found that at the beginning all Christians ask for one God, the same God as Moslem, the same God as Abraham had. But during some periods, they went to the different way when the ‘Trinity’ concept was brought to them by the Rome. And they ask for Jesus and the Holy Spirit as God also after that.

Could you explain us, if Jesus was sent to this world as a Savior and He is not the God, so how come Christians pray and ask to Jesus like Jesus is a God Himself?

Maybe you could tell me in a simple explanation? It will help me to know better about your religion from your own point of view.

Thanks, Robin!

Sorry friends, I was busy with my exams. Let me say u Wied.

Ofcourse JESUS CHRIST was sent to this world as a savior. It is also mentioned in JOHN 3:16 that

"For GOD so loved the world that he gave his one and only (begotten) SON, so that whoever believes in him shall not die but have eternal life." (NIV)

Believing is the primary relationship between us and GOD. Only when we believe in GOD we can go with his words. Thus this Verse proves that JESUS CHRIST is also GODly.


Hi Robin,

Trying to answer your question.... You are Robin, but your body is made up of almost all different parts. End of the day we are human beings and have different opinions. But there is only one truth, thats Jesus. Reach him that our aim and destiny.

A small lover of Jesus.
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Hi anon,

Ofcourse the truth is always the same and it is the life.

I would request you fellows to stop posting in this thread. Anyone who has a very slight knowledge of Christianity and Islam would know Christians and Muslims worship utterly different Lords. I intend no offence.

Best wishes, Jackson
Hey Robyn Terri

i want to mention about one point in your text.

Muslims dont find the idea of jesus is God's son offensive.

we understand this and we respect to this point

but we dont believe in this idea.

we believe that jesus is our prophet too despite he is not god.
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Jackson, people can debate any topic. You can't say 'my opinion is X so no one else should even talk about it'.
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