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Im with @Red_Rose.
Im a Muslim,too
We beleive to all prophets.
Quran is same. nobody didnt change it.
I'm afraid that no one have answered my question.

NB. Dear Unquale, since the eighteenth century, the use of the double negative to imply a positive had been changed. Now, the use of a two nots equals ,YEAH .
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Hi sweet desert,

Since i was busy with my studies I couldn't reply u immediately. We can't say anything on reading a single version of a bible. Because there are many difference in the transilated versions of BIBLE. Still I am busy with my studies. Soon I will reach u with more doubts and clarifications too.

Hi red rose,

It is in ur Quran, that GOD says that "JESUS is his only son and who worship him will have eternal life". And alos mentioned that "Since GOD loved this world so much that he gave his only son to the world". It is also in ur Quran. Whats ur idea towards this.


-- What ever it may some supernatural power has controle over us all and that is our GOD
Thanks King, I'd be thirsting for them , if you may, would you please post the number of the verse and chapter you quoted, I actually have never come across them. God luck and always pull up your socks...Emotion: big smile
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In my opinion all the religion have a common point: they reassure human being for the total uncertainty they have about the origin of the world and about what it will happen after the dead. It can be denied that a man could have a spirituality also without any religion. Every religion hiddens the power of few man, and since the more ancient past, religions are cause of war and blood. The "Crociate" for example, (I'don't know the correct term in English), the breaking of cristianity with Lutero, or simply what it is happening today...These are the reason why I' don't like religions, because they share men rather then join them. I would prefer that man have a personal and individual contact with his spirituality....
Hi sweet desert,

The verses are in John 3:16. Let me reach u with the exact verses.

hello robin!! who told u that the quran says that jesus is gods son??.. i mean if read that could u give me the verse please... maybe u miss understood it!! and u can`t depend on a site or sth i mean u gotta read the quran as in the book to understand... there is a quran which is translated in english if ur intersted u can read it and tell me which verse!! but i do belive that there is one god only!
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hi red rose

I dont know the exact location of the verse in Quran. But i will soon give u. But i am sure it is in quran because quran has the oldtestament of bible in it.

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