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So now fight for that Like for the srilanka unders sea matter?

Impossible in this earth.
well they all ahve different gods so why dont you keep your thought to yourself
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"Make a friendship
Let the love survive
It will surely dry
Tears from your eyes".

Hey Brother...I must tell u r just great.... trust me its the reality wht u hav said.... i agree.....to me Humanism is the greatest religion....... of all... coz u see everything will end one day... As we all know tht if there is a begining there has to be a end... so lets not fight ...... just love each other .... nd liv peacefully....hope peolpe will understand one day.....

Warm regards,

Hi Jackson 6612 since those you mention claim there is only one God triune or otherwise theymust all be worshipping the same God whether they know it or not.
Before I answer .What is your religion? And Why do you want to know the difference?
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Sorry In Mecca the black stone is the stone from the heaven its not a God sign or God first pls understand withe the known people dont here this stories. Black stone in Mecca is the stone from the heaven, simple