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Hi robin;

Iadvise you not to tell more lies.I'm quite certain that you have never picked up the holy Quran. What you are saying is just nonsense.This doesn't exist in the holy book and has nothing to do with the' truth.Please be rational and admit that you have said that just because you want to say it. Sorry for being rude with you. I'm just like that when i see those enmies of islam are saying whatever about muslims and their religion.I pray for God to forgive you.
Hi, King Robin, well regarding the things you promised me, I'm waiting for them. I know you're busy with your studies but I'm also interested in reading about the Bible, so, I'll wait till cows come homeEmotion: embarrassed. I wish you the best of luck, bye....Emotion: big smile
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well actully i don`t think u`ll ever do robin!! cuz i`m positive that it doesen`t say so... the quran is the word of god i know that god is one he dosen`t have a son he dosen`t need one anyway !!

Hope u r good. Our negotiations are not against ISLAMS but abt the living GOD. As a chrisitian let me ask u a questian. Will not ur QURAN contains the OLD TESTAMENT of BIBLE.

Hi King Robin, I actually enjoy discussing this matter especially with someone respcectable like you. Now, the fact that the old Testament is included in the Qura'n is , really, brand new to me, if you don't mind, explain it to me and give me an example. Sorry if I'm troubling you ,King, but I really want to know , and a million THANKS for your patience.Emotion: big smile

P.S. Please everyone , try to avoid using bad language and accusing others without undersatnding, our main aim here is ,knowledge, not quarelling and thank you.Of course King I don't mean ya..
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Hi sweet desert

I have to through my head down for my previous post. Because the Old testament will not be exactly as in bible will be in quran but all the historical incident will be coinciding. And the verse I mentioned will not be in quran since i wrote keeping in mind that Old Testament will be in quran. That was my wrong understanding on reading one of the Books in my school Library.

I am really sorry for the Above post.

Actually , Robin you don't have to be sorry at all because we are humans after all and no one is perfect, all of us commit mistakes and remember that, ' To err is human , to forgive divine.'

p.s. do you memorize the verses of the Bible the because I memorize the verses of the Qura'n always.Emotion: smile
actully robin i don`t know what`s in the bible but what i do know is that the original bible was sent to the ppl by god and then after long yrs it got altered by different popes and religous men at the time soooo now there are a lotta bibles where`s the origional one??... and i know that there are some things in the originoal bible that was sent to us by god and the quran i mean some main princaples but the thing is we don`t know we haven`t read the one bible that was sent to jesus by god!
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If you may, red rose, give an example of what you're saying .If there were a similarity between the two holy books, then, all I want is a one example and thanks dear in advance..
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