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actully i don`t know sweet i mean i didn`t read the bible!!
Hi sweet desert

However if we go for earlier generation, the ancester of both christians and Muslims is Abraham. Then it is the same lord both are worshiping. Is it not right?Emotion: surprise

RobinEmotion: embarrassed
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And as far as I know, Muslims believe that a Christian or a Jew who follow their own prophet shall enter the Heaven.
Dear red-rose, please don't get me wrong but when discussing such a crucial issue like religion, one should be a bit exact, it takes much reading and is actually not easy. So, when I asked for an example , I wanted to understand your point and by the way, you don't have to read the whole Bible to answer, I just want the sourse from which you get this information.

Dear king, you are right and I have something more to add.Emotion: smile
well sweet desert i as a muslim belive that god had sent three books and the bible is one of them and as i said the original bible is not here anymore and i belive that some of the principles in the original bible agree with some of the principle from the quran meaning that some princaples are universal and here i don`t mean to say that the words are the same or anything but i`m saying that i`m not sure but i don`t think that god has sent holy books that contradict eachother i mean every book was meant to be sent to the era of that prophet!!... the torah for moses and the ppl of that time then the enjeel ( bible) for jesus at the time and the last book was the quran sent to mohammed and it`s a universal book!! but the torah and the enjeel have been altered and changed and the exact ones sent from god are not here anymore!! so sweet don`t u think that the quran could have some of the simalaritites with the bible the original one sent from god?? do u think that each book is 100% different than the other!! i`m not saying they are the same but they must have similarites to prove that they are from good and ppl would belive in them??

p.s. i`m not very good at pointing ideas but i do hope u understand... see my english is simple!
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HeLlo How r u Im muslim too from Turkey and I want to lear English very well pelase help me red rose Emotion: sad
Red-rose, thanks for your explanation , I quite understand your point, and girl don't worry, your language is fine..Emotion: smile
King, sorry for this delay but I had much to do.Emotion: smile

*I have two points here:

1- ( I Timothy 2:5) :' For there is one God , and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.'

( Qura'n 112: 1-4) :' Say: He is God, the One and Only; God, the Eternal, Absolute; He begetteth not , nor is He begotten; And there is none like unto Him.'

Accordin to these verses, Christians and Muslims worship the same One God and I think it's crystal clear.
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But, what about this verse that I've mentioned before and , by the way, I've memorized it, I couldn't help it.Emotion: smile

John( 1:1) :' In the beginning was the Word , and the Word was with God , and the word was God.'

The contradiction must be related to the translation from Aramaic to Greek because it shlould have been written as ,' .... ,and the Word was God's ,' this is if we want to stick to the meaning of the previous verse . In the Greek language Theos is God , but Theou means God's ( refer to a Greek Bible or a Greek Dictionary).

p.s. do you think this makes sense , it's a tiny difference But the consequences are great, aren't they?
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