What do u think is the difference between Christians and Muslims. Both pray to a living GOD. To my concious only the name of the GOD differs like Jesus and Allaha. I still have a confussion about it. What do u think about it.

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Judiaism, Christianity and Islam have the same roots, common prophets and believe in one creator God.
But they are very different religions.
Christians believe that Jesus Christ is God's son, Muslims find this idea offensive.
For Christians the belief that Jesus was one of us, human, and also God is integral to their faith. Belief in the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and his subsequent resurrection in order to restore all humanity into relationship with God is what makes someone a Christian. It is the foundation of the Christian faith.
I understand that Muslims believe it is through good works and following the example of Muhummad that a muslim may get into heaven.

Hi all, because I'm interested in reading about religions especially Christianity and Islam,I have some points here.

According to John( 1:1): ' In the beginning was the Word , and the word was with God , and the word was God.' So, now Jesus is God.

What about this verse, ( Isaiah 45:18) : ' For thus saith the Lord that created the heavens : God himself that formed the earth and made it; he hath established it, he created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited : I am the Lord ; and there is none else.' ( This differs from the first , God alone was the creator and no one else, not even Jesus , participated in the creation)

p.s. I may mention many verses and these are all in the Old Testament.
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Hi sweet Desert,

But JESUS is only the son of GOD, sent to this world as Saviour and he is not the GOD.


GOD also says that "Who worship his son will have eternal life". And so i wrote JESUS compared with Allaha in my question.

Hi King, I'm afraid that my post isn't complete, I have a problem here and that's why I divided it, well, when everthing is okay with my pc, I'll post the rest.
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In the New Testament, read in ( Mark 12:29) what Jesus himself said: ' And Jesus answered him, The First of all the commandments is, Hear , O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord.'

Also in ( I Timothy2:5) ' For there is one God , and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.'

So Jesus never claimed divinity or identity to God: ' I do nothig of myself ' ( John 8:28) ; ' My Father is greater than I.'( John 14: 28)

p.s. please don't get me wrong , I want to know the truth. These verses , like the former ones, are in a Holy scripture, no chance they can be not right, why is the difference?
Dear King, you said that Jesus is the son of God and this is in ( Matthew 3:17) when Jesus was baptized by by John:' And lo a voice from heaven , saying, This is my beloved Son , in whom I am well pleased.'

Now , if we accept the word, son, literally, then , accoring to other veses, Jesus is certainly not the only son of God. Read( Exodus 4:22) ,' And thou (Moses) shalt say unto Pharaoh, Thus saith the Lord , Israel is my son, even my firstborn.'

Also in ( Deuteronomy 32:19)' The Lord saw this and rejected them because he was angered by his sons and daughters.'

p.s. I really find this confusing, is Jesus the only son of God?
well i`m as a muslim belive that GOD whom we call ALLAH is one he has noooo sons or children nor a wife no whatever he is ONLY ONE he is superior to us humans...he created us and all of the other creatures and also we belive in jesus but he is not the son of god he is a PROPHET god sent him to guide his followeres to the right path at that time and he taught them to worship one god and he is the god we belive in and after jesus died ppl some of the ppl began to worship him!!!! so in isalm we belive that god has sent many prophets to teach the ppl about the one and only god and the last of those prophets was muhammad and he wasn`t just sent to muslims muhammeds msg is that islam is the last of the religions and the quran in the last of the books that god has sent to mankind... and we know that there are holy books that allah has sent ( the torah, the bible and the quran) but the torah has been changed by ppl since the time it came down and so did the bible i mean how many bibles are there but the quran is still the same from the day it came down until now which is like more than 1400 yrs and god had promesed that the quran is gonna stay the same till the end of time and that`s what i belive!!

forgive me if u didn`t understand some of the things here u see my english is not so cool lol!!Emotion: smile
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