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I love Christmas. Maybe not so much for the religious side of things but in general with the decorating and making people happy. I remember when I was younger and I couldn't understand why my mother wouldn't let me put the Xmas tree up in OCTOBER! I used to even have presents ready months before the date.

I hate the fact that it is so commercial though and people feeling obliged to buy things. I buy or make things because I LOVE to not because I HAVE to. If I don't want to give anyone a present, I DON'T. Christmas is not an obligation.
Some people will say, but hey, what about the religious side, isn't that important? It is if you are religious! I mentioned by religious belief in another post ages ago.
well, I don't mind the decorating that much as I have a good helper who has got lots of wonderfully creative ideas about Christmas decorations. She is only eight years old but does a good job. However, I do hate to have to buy so many presents in a hurry and in Spain you have to multiply the presents by 2 as we have St Claus and the Three kings, who also deliver presents.

Woody, your present really surprised me. Wasn't I suppose to get it on Christmas Day? Your Santa Claus looks a bit weird and he pretty much scared me. Have I been behaving that badly lately?
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That's exactly what I was talking about. Many people say they HAVE TO buy presents. If you are on the street, you will frequently hear people say, 'oh, I have to buy X a present'. How often to you hear people say ' I WANT to buy X a present'.
Doesn't have to mean some type of obligation?
That's food for thought Woodward.

I'm not a real Christmassy person, however I do enjoy the aura and the waking up on Christmas day as if it's a magical, special day.

To be honest with you, I think that presents are a waste of time really. I buy X a present he/she doesn't like and in return X buys me a pair of socks! Wouldn't it have been better if I bought MYSELF something that I wanted???
Sounds good. A day of self indulgence.
They have a day for everything now. The day for the secretaries, the day for environmental awareness, the day for remembering some person that did something patriotic. Everyday there is something.

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As long as my wife doesn't hear about it - sounds like a great idea!
Any excuse for a party is a good one, and if Christmas encourages generosity and selflessness (which I believe it does) then so much the better.
Of course it also encourages corporate greed and consumer exploitation, but let's not confuse that with the good intent of regular folk who celebrate it.
Bring it on fat fella!!
Well said, MIJ.
I love Christmas. Even though I don't celebrate Christmas (I'm a Buddhist), I just like breathing the Christmas air, like Chris said 'the Christmas aura'. There's something special waking up on a Christmas day.
The funny thing is all my friends know that I love Christmas, and they always send me lots of 'Merry Christmas' SMSs, they even say Merry Christmas when they meet me, though I never get any presents from them Emotion: stick out tongue
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Well, christmas can be incredibly fun when you have children around. When it's just adults... boring boring. Emotion: sad
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