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Are you supposed to tell the truth at Christmas? All I want for Christmas is ...
As I said before, you shouldn't be asking for things in the first place. It's a time for giving (if you want to) and not for seeing how you can increase your personal possessions.
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hey, have you seen Love, actually? go and see it first and then you'll understand my answer.
Have I seen Love? Is that a movie or something?
I don't know what's the matter with all of you??

I personally like Christmas - forget about the presents and all this commercial stuff, and also the religious aspect but: Christmas is definately something special, there is something magic in the air, something you can feel and nearly smell, something that warms the hearts and do you know what it is?
I'm quite sure these feelings are our childhood memories - and it's also these memories that make us feeling so strange at Christmas, both happy and melancholic.

Christmas is usually a very happy day for children, the surrounding is so romantic, they are together with their family, people they love and also of course they get presents - these are the happy feelings.
The older we get, the more Christmas loses this enchantment and fascination because we on the one hand grow up, i.e. we have to be(have like) adults and that means we can't feel this magic anymore, and on the other hand, people we loved and who completed Christmas, e.g. (grand)parents or (grand)aunts and - uncles, have already died.

The more years go by, the more Christmas loses its special enchantments, the more we are remembered to the happier Christmasses we have experienced and the more depressed we get because of this.

So why don't just forget about this for just a few hours? Why not just feeling like a child for these few hours and bring back the magic Christmas used to have?? I don't mean you should behave like a child, but just feel like a child and let the magic spirit touch you. Like a German author, Erich Kästner (1899-1974) once said: "Only the one who grow up and remain a child is really a human (being)".
Spend Christmas with your family, and if you can't then with good friends, people you like - try not to be alone. Send some postcards or e-mails to friends and relatives to show them you think of them, I find it great when I get mail and see therefore that people think of me. Enjoy the time and make it a special Christmas!

I hope that all of you will have a very merry Christmas and a good and healthy New Year!
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Too true Jens.
It's easy to see you enjoy being one of Santa's helpers. Emotion: smile
Merry Christmas EveryOne!
Most wanted
tall, decorated
Christmas tree.
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Last night we put up the Xmas at the Institute and started decorating. A lot of fun with students joining in.