Christmas is just round the corner. Some people just love Christmas, the presents, the decorations, the food, and so on. Other people say Christmas is a waste of money. What do you think? How do you feel about Christmas?
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I think that Christmas can be nice for familes, and for kids.

It is also often a fun time for people who like to drink a lot.

Some people who are religious seem to like it too.

I have no family living anywhere near me.
I have no kids.
I quit drinking about nine months ago.
I am not religious.

So, I ignore Christmas.

What about you?
It saddens me deeply. If i could i'd escape to the remotest place ever to be found on the surface of this planet.
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My uncle calls Christmas 'the annual prize-giving ceremony'.
Many people buy presents out of obligation and the person that treated you the best during the year gets the best prize (presents) while if you have fought with someone they get a small prize...
I hate it when people ask me what I want for Christmas. It's like an obligation or something, they can't be original or be bothered looking for something appropriate. If someone tells me that they want X for Christmas, I usually never buy it. I prefer surprises and I love the expressions on people's faces when they open their presents. I prefer to give lots of small presents to someone instead of just one big thing. Once you open the one big present, the emotion is all over. But when you have a lot of little ones, the emotions last longer and there are many surprises.

Maj, why are you so depressed all the time with things that normally make people happy?
I can't stand the sight of so many St Clauses in supermarkets with their pathetic looks.
Hey Maj...Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way.
it is to ride, on a one horse open sleigh .... HEY!
Come on Maj, sing along now...
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Hey, Woody, maybe if you give me one of your little presents I'll feel a lot better. Surprise me! (g)
Here it is Maj, especially for you...

Emotion: lightning

Delivered to you on the weekend by Santa Claus himself ...[6]

Emotion: smile
I agree with trellis, Christmas is great for children and for religious people. And for the vast majority of people too, but the problem comes when to have fun and happiness is compulsory in that specific time. Many feel depressed due to that, people who had a sad event, people who is little lonely.
And what about the nightmare of cooking for loads of people ehh? But of course children have to be the center of the occasion.
I personally take Christmas coolly. Fun, family and presents yes, but no compulsion.
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