Will you be celebrating Christmas? If so, how? If Christmas is not part of your culture, what is your impression of it?
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Hi Nona.
All members of the family together, that's our way of celebrating. We try to not be very involved in consumerism.

I was reading about Christmas lately. These are the subjects that have jumped to my reader eyes: holydays-days are not holy; cutting trees-cutting our breathing supply; commercial time versus increase of number of people suffering depression; presents for kids versus stimulating consumerins in them but just for those who are not poor: justice?; time when it is ok to lie,The Three Wise Men, Santa, linking the lie with rewards; waste of electricity decorating cities while some people don't have electric in their neighbourhoods.

I find the lie the less serious and the waste of electricity the easiest to change.

I was aware of the consumerism, but not so aware of the other points. Really that reading has destroyed the vision I had about Christmas.
I consider myself Christian - a follower of Jesus Christ. So I dont do pagan holidays like xmas.
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I'm also Christian and Christmas is probably my favourite holiday. Has it ever occurred to you that all religions of today are inevitably intertwined with ancient pagan beliefs? You may find my understandings erratic but think about this: What's wrong with all people's celebrating the rebirth of hope and the renewal of life, which is the symbol of both the pagans' Winter Solstice and Jesus Christ's birth? I know Jews and Muslims have similar holidays, with similar symbols, about the same time of the year - when we reach to the bottom of darkness (the longest night) and despair, we turn our eyes to light, and hope, and love, and belief in the renewal of nature and good.
No matter how one calls this day, I think it is the most positive, the most optimistic and the most hope-instilling day of the year!

As for consumerism, I find this disgusting. I know there are people who get crazy shopping, eating, drinking and fun-making about Christmas - to them it's just an occasion for party. I always observe the Christmas fast and have 40 days to think about the passing year, reconsider my doings, correct my mistakes and be a better person in the New Year. And I don't think it's bad.
Dave and Miche Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is The correct way of writing Xmas. The forty day fast is for Easter not Christmas. Very few observe the forty day fast. Most Christians now give up doing something they much enjoy or help those in need. Not all do. Where are you both from?
I think Christmas has now become more of a marketing ploy than a religious celebration.
The religious side has slowly been disappearing and replaced by 'consumerism'. Buy THIS, Buy THAT, your children will love you if you buy them one of THESE.
It is all pure marketing and sales and I think all the publicity leads people to believe that they HAVE TO buy presents for that day.

One thing I can't stand is when people EXPECT presents and leave strong hints or even ask for certain things.

Just think, the RED Santa Claus that we all know was in fact invented by Coca-Cola adverts. Before they started running their ads (in the 50's I think) your typical santa was a variety of styles, colours and forms. Coca-Cola plastered everywhere with their Fat Red Santa so much that it sort of stuck in everyone's mind. That is what has happened of late too, the media/publicity guys trying to make everyone buy more and more.

My uncle calls Christmas the 'prize-giving day'. Where you give the best presents (prizes) to the people who have been the best to you over the last year. If someone hasn't treated you well or been bad or whatever, their 'prize' tends to be something small or nothing. If you think about it, it is sort of like that. The more you love someone the more you want to give them something special (and I'm not just referring to Xmas presents).

I still like Christmas even though it has this side to it!

Especially the food and the surprises!Emotion: smile
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The Christmas fast is 40 days. The Easter fast is 49 days (seven weeks). There are two more major fasts, at least in the Orthodox calendar. I'm an Orthodox Christian.
Apologies I am R.C. and there are no fasts for us over Christmas. 40 days in Easter.
Woodward agree with you much of its meaning is lost to many however I still love it. The red is because St nicholas in the !12th century was a bishop and he was renowned for helping the poor. Nuns later established the idea of giving gifts to the needy on Christmas day. The red top represents the mitre a bishop wears. Thank God some still see what it is meant to be about.
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