I'm not sure if I am posting to the right thread.

I need an advice from experienced teachers or those who have worked with younger learners.

Can you think of an easy but fun way to make a Christmas card? Something that you tried out and that worked. If you have any other suggestion for another doable Christmas activity, let me know, please.

p.s. My pupils are eleven years old.

Thank you in advance,

It seems like a no-brainer to me, Antonia: a pile of colored construction paper, crayons and felt markers, scissors and paste in the middle of the table should keep everyone busy and happy and creative. Visions of sugar plums, Santas, Christmas trees, reindeer and wrapped presents should do the rest.
cotton wool makes good glue-on snow. glitter is also quite a tradition part of kids' Christmas cards.
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Thank you both.
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