Well, I feel a bit embarrased to ask this but I thought male circumcision was something rarely done, but the other day I was watching an American film in which a teenager was being bullied by his classmates for not having been circumcised. They were laughing at him because it looked different. And the question is, is it something normally done in the States, or in other countries? Does it have to do with religious believes? And another more embarrasing question, Emotion: embarrassed what does it look like?
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I've just read recently that the origin of this traditional custom goes back even to the Old Testament. It began when Ishmael was born (he is a son of Abraham and Hagar, a handmaid of Sarah). That book also said: This is a testimony of the contract with the God for people who are descendents of Abraham.
This is all I got from that book. (I don't know whether English Forum is the proper place to ask this question.)

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Jewish and Muslim boys are circumcised for religious reasons. (With Jews it's usually done eight days after birth; I'm not sure when the Muslims do it.) In the U.S., circumcision for almost all baby boys has been routine for a long time, because it was (probably wrongly) considered to be more hygenic and to protect against certain diseases. Now there is a LOT of controversy about it, and some parents decide not to have their sons circumcised (although most still do just so the boy will not look different from his father!). I don't think it's as common in other countries.

As for what it looks like - I'm not going to be the one to try to answer that.
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Hello Coachpotato, khoff,
interesting. I'm Japanese and I've never heard of that here in Japan. Judging from Coachpotato, in Spain either. I knew nothing about how in the United States. Hmm.
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Thanks for your answers, Roro and Khoff.

And hope nobody is upset for my question.
No, not at all. Emotion: smile Here in France, and as far as I know, it is only performed for medical reasons.
Here in France, and as far as I know, it is only performed for medical reasons.

Or religious reasons, right, Pieanne?
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