What is the difference between citation and quotation?
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The quotation is the text included within the " " marks. The citation is the indication of the source of the quotation.
A citation is when you cite a specific source as the resource from which you gleaned certain information. If you cite a source, you might or might not use the exact language from the original source. Or, you might use the exact same language and then "cite the source," of that language.

A quotation is the direct use of specific language that comes from another source, using the exact same wording as the original source. Generally, in formal writing, one would "cite the source" of the quote.
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Is this correct:

A citation is something written and a quotation is something spoken.

No, I don't use them in that way at all.
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You might have a number of citations and quotations in the same paper. For example:

"For every tax dollar expended on providing public sector mental health care in the community, there is a return on investment in economic growth and savings in other areas that equals $22."

Perryman Report to the LBB, Spring 2010

The above includes a quote, followed by a citation for that quote.

One could also have a citation without a direct quote, e.g.:

A benefit of $22 in economic growth and reduced costs in other areas is reaped from each dollar spent on public sector mental health care, according to Perryman.

Perryman Report to the LBB, Spring 2010
what are the main differences between citation and quotation?
Anonymouswhat are the main differences between citation and quotation?
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