Could you tell me whether I have selected the correct type of adjectives in the following sentences?

1. Good wine needs no bush.
Good -> adjective of quality
no -> adjective of number (This was not considered in my reference material.)

2. I like the little pedlar who has a crooked nose.
little -> adjective of quality (I found this to be an adjective of quantity in the reference material)
crooked -> adjective of quality

3. My uncle lives in the next house.
next -> adjective of number(ordinal). But I found this to be a descriptive adjective in the reference material.


No. 1 cannot really be taken apart: it is just a very old saying. It may be that old wine sellers would hang a bush outside their shop to let people know that they sold wine - to advertise it. But if someone could make really good wine, they did not need to do that. I suppose you could say that "no" is an adjective of number and that the number is zero

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Thanks Dave.

How about 2 and 3?


I think that "little" is usually an adjective of quantity:

- Just add a little salt

But sometimes it is used to refer to one thing because that is the quality that we notice:

- I like the little house at the end of the road

I think the pedlar falls into the second category. We are probably not comparing him with bigger or smaller pedlars that we know: being small is his quality

Crooked, yes, is a quality

I'd say that "next" is definitely an adjective of ordinal number

- One is the first number and next there is two

Difficult to argue with that!

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