Dear Friends,

I know "Dubious" means ambigous, not clear, etc. But, I couldn't make out its meaning in this sentence.

Context : "Inzamam's DUBIOUS record" ( It was the headline in the sports section )

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Could I have more context? (I'm not a sports fan, lol)
I guess his record was not obvious in some people's minds, must have been controversed/controversial
His record contains things that are open to doubt, suspicions or speculations?

Just my 2 cents.
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Inzamam has got the highest run outs in the cricket world. Is it the reason?

Can you give me some examples?
Maybe there was something fishy in his latest match?
Forgive me Pieanne.

I get doubts from your message itself! What does 'fishy' mean?
Is it "silly"?
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no, "fishy" means "not correct","not right", "controvertial", "not legal"
"Fishy" is another idiom, Praveen. It means there was something wrong or odd about something.

"He gave me a reason why he was absent from work, but it sounded fishy to me"

Now - a fish doesn't speak; the idiom refers to the smell of fish - if the fish is bad, we can tell by the awful smell.

Here is another idiom: "I smell trouble" - well, you can't really SMELL trouble; it means you can feel that trouble is going to develop from a particular situation.

And here is an excellent web site for idioms which you might like to look at.
http://www.idiomconnection.com/animal.html#A [:)]
Abbie, I understood the meaning of the idiom 'fishy' very well. I never forget its meaning.

Meanwhile, it's hightime I log out (Hurray,I used an idiom correctly!)

Bye for all..................

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