Dear Sir/Madam,

Could you please help to check my draft-letter as below? Thank you for your kind assistance.



Dear Mr. x,

It was a long time ago that we met you in 2001 and 2004. Hope you are doing well.

With regards to the above-captioned subject, we came to know that you are now supplying your products to other company in xx (country), without having our consensus. We feel uncomfortable with this situation. As you may know, we have been putting a lot of effort to promote your products to the xx (country) customer and it was not easy to get their approval on your products.

We revert to you this issue based upon our mutual agreement during your visit to zz (company) on xx-xx-xx (date), whereby in the event of any enquiry to yy (company) in the region of xx, yy (company) shall notify zz (company) to get consensus. Please kindly refer to the attached minutes of meeting. Another point in the mutual agreement was to differentiate prices to your other customers by xx% higher. During this year, we accept your price increase in Feb and July. Could you clarify the price level to your other customers, confirming if you observe the mutual agreement to differentiate price by xx% higher to them? We appreciate so much if you clarify your situation in connection with the above-captioned matter.

We strongly believe that with the sincerity of both parties, our business relationship will definitely grow stronger and stronger.

We would be very much appreciate for your reply before xx-xx-xx (date) for our sales activity.

Best regards.

Yours faithfully,

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