In the Oxford Dictionary meaning, define has two meanings:

Define v. - to say or explain what the meaning of a word or phrase is.
- to describe or show sth accurately.

But when i see this sentence:

Budgets define goal and objectives that can serve as benchmarks for evaluating subsequent performance.

It seems to me that in here "define" implies in the sentence that "budgets can explain as well as show goal and objectives. So can both the meanings be used at the same time?

In addition,

Communicate v. - to exchange information, news, ideas, etc with sb.

- to make your ideas, feelings, thoughts, etc. known to other people so that they understand them.

But also when i see this sentence:

Budgets communicate management's plans throughout the organization.

I get confused. I don't know which meaning fits in the sentence. Can you me please?

the word 'define' is not limited by the definitions given in your post. In my Oxford Dictionary, for instance, there is the following: make up or establish the character or essence of. This meaning, as it were, combines both showing and explaining.

If you want to better understand the meaning, you should pay attention to grammar notes in dictionary entries. With the second meaning, 'communicate' does not necessarily take an object, so it may be your choice. In real circumstances, though, strict delimitation of meanings is not always possible.

Respectfully, Gleb Chebrikoff
Okay...thank you...i got it...By the way, Can you tell me whether "curtailment" and "delimitation" means the same thing? I mean are they interchangeable?