"I go to a secondary school to art profile."


"I go to a secondary school and my class profile is art?"

How to say (which prepositions should be used) that my class's profile is of art/science?

I haven't seen 'profile' used like that. Are you sure it's the right word to use?

If I were in school and someone asked me, 'What's your class profile?', I wouldn't understand the question.

I googled the term, and it seems to relate to the diverse background of all the people in a class, and not just one. eg

http://www.business.uvic.ca/graduate/advantage/profile /

Best wishes, Clive

I'm majoring in X with a concentration in Y.
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Well, what I meant by "profile" was a specified class, I mean a class in which particular emphasis on a particular subject is put. For example, If major in physical education I'd call my PROFILE "sport-oriented" or alike; if i go to a class where the strain is put on mathematics can I call it... I don't know "mathematics-oriented class" or "mathematic-like class" or just "science class"? The thing is, I don't how to put it correctly in English - in my native language (Polish) we call it "profil" which suggests English "profile" but as it's just turned out it's a false friend in this case, isn't it?

Can you clear this? Emotion: smile

Thanks Clive
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GG's suggestions seems good to me.

For an individual class, I'm not sure what you mean.
eg A calculus class is, well, a calculus class.