i cant remember the name of a movie i saw in the 80s , it was a elviras movie macabre , about a couple that broke down on a road , in front of a wall of fog, they walked through the fog to find a small town, people were nice but turned out everyone was a cannibal , with crooked teeth, they finaly escaped back through the fog, cant remember if both escaped, but the cannibals couldnt go through the fog.

I find tis site https://www.englishforums.com and very happy. I can post my opinion and it very important for my English.

My Classic movie name is Casablanca. It is American movie about love in Marocco. When I be a little girl I see this movie with my granmom. Grandmom сry and I cry. I remember it. Today I anderstand this classicc movie and like it very well.

My favurite movie is Casablanca. It is an American movie about love in Morocco. When I was a little girl I watched this movie with my grandma. She cried and I cried. I remember it. Today I understand this classic movie and still like it very much.

Many people love this movie, including me.

In English culture, we call our grandmother Grandma or Gran.

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