Help me in classifying nouns :

news (common, uncountable, abstract)

dust (common, uncountable, concrete)

rubbish (common, uncountable, concrete)

weather (common, uncountable, abstract)

dust (common, uncountable, concrete)

class (I know it is noun but I don't know its meaning) (What is the meaning of class?)

sea (common, uncountable, concrete)

language (common, countable, concrete)

poem (common, countable, concrete)

poetry. (What is poetry?)

window. (common, concrete, countable)

summer (common, uncountable, abstract)

music (common, uncountable, abstract)

drink (common, uncountable, abstract)

fish (common, uncountable, concrete)

idea (common, uncountable, abstract)

fun (common, uncountable, abstract)

Please tell me the above answer is right or wrong. If wrong, state me reason.
Perhaps this and this may help.
Please someone help me in the above post.

I am keen to know the answers of above questions.

Please help me.
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im trying to find the answers too...sorry, cant help you