) Classify the types of nouns in terms of common/proper, countable/uncountable, singular/plural

i answered this question i just want to be sure that my answer is right

Knowledge: uncountable,common noun,singular

Modesty:uncountable,common noun,singular.

Europe:.................... i am not sure about it i need help here

Arms:countable,common,and plural

Stories: countable, plural,common.

is my answer correct?

I agree.

//Europe:.. i am not sure about it i need help here//

Europe is a Proper Noun.
Proper Nouns always begin with a capital letter no matter where it occurs in a sentence.
And i guess the reamaining answers were correct.
Please double check them with someone else as i myself was in a learning phase.

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thanks for your notes.
Europe then is uncountable ,proper and simgular.right?

A proper noun is not by definition uncountable.

eg I met three Americans.

eg There are two Europes today: the Europe of the rich and powerful, and the Europe of those who depend on governments for protection.

eg In my class, there are three students called Tom. In my class, there are three Toms.

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knowledge is uncountable but I don't classify them as common since there is no corresponding proper noun for a specific knowledge (if there is a specific knowlodge). They can't also be considered singular since they cannot be counted.

Modesty also follows the same explanation.

The rest of the answers, I afree with.