Will someone please check my homework. If I am doing it wrong will you please correct me and tell me what I am doing wrong before my quiz tomorrow.

Ex 1

Classifying Sentence according to structure

Underline each subordinate clause in the paragraph below. On the line before each sentence classify the sentence by writing simp for simple, comp for compound, cx for complex or cd. -cx for compound-complex

(11) CX Juan Gonzalez plays for the Texas Ranger, in the American


(12) CX When he was only twenty-three years old, he hit his

one-hundredth career home run.

(13) CD. - CX He is proud of his Puerto

Rican heritage and on his Rangers cap, he wears a pin that shows a tiny

Puerto Rican flag

(14) Comp His native language is Spanish, and now he

is learning English, because many American sportswriters keep asking him

for interviews.

(15) Comp He wants to cooperate, but he often turns

down interview request.

(16) Comp He feels that his English is not yet

good enough, and he fears that he will be misunderstood or misquoted.

(17) SIMP The fans who are most important to Juan Gonzalez are

young people.

(18) CX Because he wants to help young people, he

spends a lot of time with children.

(19) SIMP He does this in the United

States and in Puerto Rio.

(20) SIMP He believes that sports stars should be good role models for their young fans.

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