there's a song that i wld really wanna know wt's it called i only rememba that it starts with " once upon a time in a place called earth" and i also remeba that they say in it " lonely, lonely , lonely...." and ummm a guy and a woman sing it!well that's all!!!cld u plz temme wts da title if u know!!??!!

Well what kinda music u into? That might help, and can you remeber where you heard it?
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hey hey momma said the way you move gonna make you sweat gonna make you this part of your song? If so, I think it is a Led Zepplin song
there's thsi music video that has a pink bunny walking toward a guy in the beginning

and then it shows a band performing on red and pink flowers, u think u guys could help me find out the name of that music video?

that is part of a led zepelin song, and I believe the title is "Alimony"
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