Clark: I thought you were holed up in the mansion?

Lex: I needed to clear my head. (get distracted?) Took a drive, ended up
here. I didn't mean to bother you on your big day.

Clark: I've got a little time. Chloe's picking me up.

Lex: That's very progressive. (How modern?) What happened to the truck?

Clark: Farming accident. You know how it is. So how goes the bailout?

Lex: Not sure, Clark. I think it's going to get ugly before it gets better.There are many troubles he needs to go through before everything gets better?

My father is dead set against me succeeding.Determined not to let him win?
All are good explanations.
I'm not too sure about the first one, though. When I 'clear my head', I get rid of unnecessary things that might distract me from what I'm supposed to be thinking about.
Thanks, Philip!