There was a post that was put up to explain the rules for hyphens and in it, it had a section called "To Avoid Ambiguities." In the section, it listed many words with hyphens that I presumed are the examples of words that used the hyphens to avoid being ambiguous.

a little-used car

a little used-car

cross complaint


high-school girl

high schoolgirl

fine-tooth comb (most people do not comb their teeth.)

My request to you is help me to get my teeth into the things it is talking about. If it is too much of work, just use two sets of those listed.

Oh, another thing, which one is right?

If it is too much of work, ... or

If it is too much work, ...
As you are here so often why don't you register with us and join our forum community properly?

I am already registered as "Believer." Thank you for all your help.