Can you please read this and see if it is ok? Thank you in advance.

Professional raw oil poisoning/with raw oil

During/in oil processing various compounds in forms of gases and vapours/fumes can be found which workers inhale, and a direct contact with skin is possible, too. Clinical picture of poisoning can be in the form of acute or chronic poisoning. Acute poisonings are a rare thing and in the case of exposure to higher/bigger concentrations of oil compounds fumes/fumes of oil compounds. If oil is rich with sulphur compounds, a poisoning with hydrosulphur is possible, and if oil is rich with hydrocarbons, a poisoning with benzine is possible. If one is in direct contact with oil there are various changes on skin. Some sorts of oil have a carcinogenic effect/influence, as well.
The term 'raw oil' is not used. It's 'crude oil'

Also here I would use 'Occupational health hazards of crude oil' in preference to 'Professional raw oil poisoning/with raw oil' for the reasons given in the Toluene posting

Unfortunately for me the paragraph doesn't hold together. It's bitty and doesn't seem to be a continuous text.

I would change it completely. I can't see how to make sense of it using the literal translation.
Hi Alan. Thank you for your suggestions.
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I understand your remark. The whole paragraph doesn't have any sense. I just translated it literally. I will ask the author about it. It could be that she dropped few linking words which would make the whole thing more meaningful.