What is the difference between clinical picture and clinical presentation

The clinical picture = all the information relating to a disease, disorder, or a patient's state

Clinical presentation = A patient "presents" to a doctor with symptoms - this is a clinical presentation.
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Thanks, someone told me that these words meant the same

I don't know if you already have an answer, Dominik.

Clinical picture refers to the whole phenotype and could be similar to disease expression (in a particular patient). Disease presentation usually means how the disease starts or how it flares (in a particular stage of the illness).


Olga SP, MD
Thank you!
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Clinical pictures are awide range of symptoms ans signs in a particular disease , and it is not necessary for these symtomes and signs are all present , there may be only few of them , or all , and when a patient presents with certain symptoms to the clinition, it is the presentation of the disease at that momoent .

for example gall stones

may present it self as a silent gall stones found by chance

or it may present as acute gall bladder disease

or no gall stone symptome ,only starts as pancreatitis

and so on , it means a presentation is that way or that catigory the patient presets him self to the clinition

hope I was clear