Hello, everyone.

My professor wants me to find interesting youtube clips which talk about questionnaires or surveys.

However, my professor seems to be not satisfied with the ones I have found for him. So, I would like to kindly ask for help. If someone has some interesting clips on questionnaires or surveys, let me know. Thanks a million.

Hi Jane:

Why did your professor find your list to be not acceptable?
Did your professor give you any guidance on finding better candidates?
Hi AlpheccaStars,

Thanks for asking.

Actually,my professor just told me that the clips I found will not be workable in his class.

He didnt tell me reasons, and he didnt give me guidance even if I tried to ask him.

So I am a little annoyed. He just asked me to find interesting clips about questionnaires and survey.

Thanks ^^Could you give me some suggestions?

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Hi Jane - he might want instructive clips on how to make a questionnaire or survey. Then again, he might want to see the results of a survey being discussed, or a live survey in progress. Here is a collection with a variety of these topics. Some are funny, some serious.









Hi AlpheccaStars,

Thanks a lot for your great enthusiasm for finding many youtube clips concerning questionnaires and surveys for me. Thanks a lot~~

Jane : )