when i get back home from my office, this topic cross my mind
clonning human......
that's mean you make human like making hmmmmmmm lets see "a cake" (hehehe, just kidding Emotion: stick out tongue )
ok now without any joke and seriously i want to know about this post
soo tell me please..............
For me, no I don't believe in it. It think messing with nature in that form is not good. I believe God has his reasons for taking away what we love or hold so dearly. I believe the same way with abortions. These are my personnel thoughts.
Last time I had read about it. That in England, they have been made succesfully a 'human clonning' and it's girl (but they didn't showed it, I wonder why.....? [:^)] )
But truely, i don't believe either. Cause it's like 'making a human' same as making something unlife. If we really think of it, well...... it's difficult with all those thing in human body with their blood, heart, brain, bones, ect. Emotion: rolleyes
Defferent than making a toy.
And what about soul, can any human make it ? Emotion: hmm
To make a single human moved, cause truely 'human is defferent than a robot'
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in corious, i try to find in in web
there a lot about it like : abc.net.au/science/slab/stemcells/default or
www.world-mysteries.com (the origins man by Rich Ander)
first,may be they made this for searching a medicine or to cure some desease
but then became larger than that, something with human ego
well.... i just want to see in the end of this
could it be a human made a single human by itself
and about this human clonning too, what it's look like
Emotion: rolleyes