I found this sentence " Pls close the light". Does it correct?
I have heard that too, but where I am, it is not what is said.

All of these sound normal to me:

Please turn off the light

Please turn out the lights

Please shut off the lights (but NOT shut out)

Please put out the lights (but NOT put off)

This is probably one of those phrases that has a lot of variation depending on where you live. I'll be intersted to hear where people do say "close the light."
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close the light
We Chinese say it for fun sometimes.

Turn off the light =关灯

关=close, 灯=light

So 关灯's metaphrase is "close the light" Emotion: big smile
New Zealand children say "close the light".
In an episode of Mad Men Season III one of the characters says: "Let me close the light", where I am from in Africa its common for people tosay close the light always thought it was unique to these parts but I guess not.
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My mother used to say open and close the lights. Her parents were Croatian. Open and close the light is actually more proper than turn on and turn off the lights. Open and closed are electrical terms indicating current flow. Turn on/off the lights is in reference to the first residential light switches which were rotary. You literally had to turn the light switch clockwise to switch on the electric lamp and clockwise to switch it off. Nowadays, the more proper term would be switch on/off the light. For those looking for a deeper meaning, in Einstein's universe, light is everywhere instantly. By switching on a light switch we are merely opening a window to the light that is already there.
Anonymousin Einstein's universe, light is everywhere instantly.
Well, it's not really just Einstein's universe. It belongs to everyone! Emotion: big smile

And at 186,282 miles a second, light is certainly very fast, but that's still not instantaneous! Emotion: smile

Even people who are not fluent in English should have no problem understanding the meaning of "turning on" and "turning off" something. In Natural English, "turn on" means to energize. Particularly when we are referring to home appliances and devices depending on electrical power to operate, in this case, a light fixture, the meaning of "turned on" is pretty much fixed and apparent. I know for a fact that many languages do say " open the" or " close" the light, including Chinese. Whatever the reason, the odds would be extremely remote that you will find a native saying "open the light". In spoken English, i.e. "can you switch on the light" is possible because that is the one thing that requires switching the power either on or off. Other appliances have separate power control switches for turning them on and off; such as a computer, and flat screen TV.
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According to Einstein (e.g. His universe) at the speed of light time ceases to exist. Relative to our time frame light travels at 186k mps but in Light's perspective it is everywhere at once.
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