Hey everybody.

Can somebody help me? I am confused about the pronunciation of the Closes and Clothes words.

To me the both sounds the same.

"Closes" is pronounced "Close-ess".

"Clothes" is pronounced "Cloathz", with the "oa" sound of "goat", and the "th" of "they".

Hope that helps!
Thanks a lot.
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I say "clothes" without the "th" sound, so I say "close" and "clothes" the same way.
However, "closes" is different. I say 'klo - ziz' for "closes" and 'kloze' (like 'doze') for both "close" and "clothes".

It doesn't matter which pronunciation I try people seem to always hear 'gloves' instead of 'clothes' and explaining "the stuff you wear" doesn't help much cause you can apparently wear gloves too...
You must havw the wrong vowel sound then

gloves - the o sounds like 'u' as in 'up'

Clothes - however you say it - has an o sound as in 'open'.
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Perhaps you have confused the words "cloths" and "clothes".
cloths is pronounced with a rounded o, not unlike glove, and are small pieces of fabric usually used for cleaning.