Hello, I have recently become apart of a forum community that encourages "Forum Signatures"

I was thinking about saying "Kind Regards" on my posts, but thought it would be too formal. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you.
Nothing is required or expected on forum posts, and personally I find such closings rather presumptuous-- as if the conversation were at an end, and the poster were having the final say.

However, many otherwise respectable posters do use closings, and they seem to run the gamut from Ta to Yours in Christ. If you do choose Kind regards, then do not capitalize the second word.
Forum signatures are often a little quote or something - something to express a little of the personality of the poster. They aren't used as part of the actual conversation - they are attached to the name of the poster. You don't have to have one though. Mine here is 'the name says it all'. Is that the sort of thing you were thinking of?

Otherwise, as Mr M said, if you just want something to finish off the conversation, I wouldn't bother, as maybe the other person would like to continue talking to you?

If you have asked for help or advice it is polite to finish off with a 'thanks'.