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V/R is a very common and correct closing salutation within the US military (especially US Navy) correspondence. - John B.
yes, it is used throughout the military
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Leave it to the Military to come up with another Acronym!

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Hi all. In my short time of being an Officer and previously working for the Navy (civ life) this is what I learned; If the person outranks you (or has a higher civ position) we sign Vr/, lower ranking it's R/ or r/, or some CAPT's like to throw in the wr/ (with regards). My question is...which is more proper? Vr/ or V/r, or is it VR/ ??? I've seen all three used...

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I would use it ONLY if you are still in the service and not use it in civilian life. If you are still in the service, then find the best administrative assistant you can, and ask her.
Commonly used in the military when addressing a superior. V/R is Very Respectfully. In contrast /r is respectfully and used by seniors addressing junior or among peers. The military is a world of abbreviations and acronyms so it is very acceptable. I would avoid it in the civilian world because people are not as familar with it.

it means virtual regards or very respectfully, generally in emails it means virtual regards
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All formal letters are abreveated in some form or another. No one types out Mister Johnson, then just write Mr. Johnson.
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