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ExactlyExactly right!
It is mostly used in military circles. A lot of former military will keep using it for awhile V/R = Very Respectfully (to a superior ranking person) R/ = Respectfully, to a lower ranking person
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The Navy Correspondence Manual has removed the use of Very Respectfully or respectfully and directs all correspondence with a few exceptions for correspondence to the president or heads of state to simply be signed "Sincerely" The V/R and R/ have just begun accepted practices with no one bothers to correct.
It is widely used in the military ---- Officers use V/R... Enlisted use V/r
Or ask him.
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I did not know what V/R meant until I just looked it up now. And after finding out what it is, I completely agree that it is in poor taste to end an email with it. It's almost as if you don't care enough to write the whole thing out.
Yes, rank doesn't matter as in the Air Force we use V/R in email. Email is supposed to be brief. Memos and letter include a full closing salutation.
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I concur, Mister Micawber.
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