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I would agree that one should use it only in a mil situ, otherwise it is jar which sh gen be avoided!
One million people are in current service. So 1/350th of the population of the United States use this as a close to their Email. You are the one being disrespectful.
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it's most commonly typed V/r. Why a Capital "V" then a "/" then a lower case "r", who knows?
It's not respectful to nitpick

that is all
False. This is used as a respectful gesture, showing that the sender does not hold themselves at a higher rank/position/standing than the recipient. Signing as r/ or /r, implying 'respecrfully', is the quasi disrespectful gesture signifying that the sender views themselves as the same or higher rank than the recipient. This is common and recognized practice in military and government organizations.
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I read your book It's Lonely At The Bottom. If this is not the correct Clive, then please excuse my mistake.


Azul Falcone
I sure wish people who text on their Smart Phones would heed your advice when sending e-mails! I never know what those dern abbreviations mean!
In the case where the originator of the correspondence is the senior or of the same rank, the response with be /R. Minus the V. This abbreviation is still very much alive and well.
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The origin of the acronym is from the aircrew community where call signs are always used regardless of rank or seniority.

It's a way to promote esprit-de-corps amongst your flying bros. So instead of calling everyone by Rank/Name, you call them by their call signs. In turn, you typically don't salutate your emails with Maj. XXXX but rather "V/R Stroker". It's a way of showing the respect to the receiving persons rank while at the same time referring to them by their call sign.

I work in defense and people use it all the time but it's funny that most of them know the reason why we as aircrew used it in the military. It's become common place in some circles just through assimilation. My call sign was "Dirty" but that doesn't mean I end my Emails now with "V/R Dirty". I use "V/R Bob" since that's short for my full legal first name.
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