Many people close their emails as follows:


John Doe

What does VR stand for? It must be some form of an abbreviation for "regards".
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It means 'very respectfully', but it is not really respectful to abbreviate like this, so it is a poor practice to imitate.
what does vr stand for if not regards
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It stands for Very Respectfully, though it seems rather uncommon
Very Respectfully,

Thanks for the comment, but the previous post already gave the same answer.

It's a good idea to check dates, so that you are involved in a discussion that is current.

Best wishes,Clive
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"V/R" is the convention for closing most emails within the U.S. military, and so the usage probably has been borrowed from there.

That's interesting. Is it still used if the writer outranks the receiver?

Best wishes, Clive
If I recall, that would be "Respectfully."
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