Where does this word come from? And maybe what is it?
Could you possibly mean "Close" or "Clothe"?

Cloze has no meaning to me.

Mary ___________ dinner. Please replace the blank with a correct verb form. (Sample answer 'ate'.)

This is called a 'cloze' exercise. I don't know where the term comes from.

Best wishes, Clive
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Thanks Clive. Next time I should Google first! And to think I grew up thinking those were called "fill in the blank" tests! Ah, the shamefulness of American education Emotion: smile
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It probably exists in some other language like Dutch, Turkish, etc.
Aha! I thought I'd seen "cloze" before, and these posts helped me remember where. Clive's right about filling in the blanks. Also, in at least one version of the test, there is a reading passage with every sixth or seventh word deleted (blank). The person taking the test is supposed to fill in a word that works.