I need to learn how to do a cockney accent for a musical (The Roar of the Greasepaint - The Smell of the Crowd) I want to audition for - I am terrible at accents, but I want to try anyway. What are the best ways to learn and what resources can I look at?
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Hi MarLyG,

I suggest you contact a language speech pathologist who specialises in helping actors and actresses acquire new accents. There shold be some of them in your area. Acquiring a good Cockney-accent is difficult on your own, hence I recommend you seek 'professional help'.

Let me know what you think.
allo i am not a british i am from poland.... as far as i know sth about cocney it is inpossible to learn it you have to acquire it you have to be born in east london and live withe your china ( china plates for mates) it is also my dream to speak like them but its inpossible
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its ok mate i have to do the same for the musical im in and im learning how to prounounce it but i go strangly high pitched when i do so i sound asthough im from a monty python sketch

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The following constucted dialect will give you what will sound like a Cockney accent to North Americans. All you have to do is change how you pronounce certain things differently and you will sound like a Cockney. The goal is to intruduce as many pronunciation differences as possible, to make you sound as not-American as possible. Surprisingly enough, by combining features of a Cockney accent, a Northern Midwestern accent, a New Zealand accent, an Estuary accent, a Boston accent, and an Upper-RP accent, you will sound more like a Cockney to Americans than if you just try to do a plain Cockney accent. It is very simple to do, and you will be able to speak in that accent for hours without getting tired, or making mistakes. Here's what you have to do. Once you get it down, you'll have a very convincing accent, that can be mastered in minutes.

Pronunciation key:
oo = as in moon [ u ]
ay = as in hey [ eI ]
I = as in "I" [ aI ]
uh = as in "uh" [ V ]
a = as in "cat" [ æ ]
e = as in "end" [ E ]
i = as in "in" [ I ]

I -> oy
th -> f, v
o -> uhoo [ @U ]
a -> e
e -> i
ow -> ayoo [ eU ]

Drop your h's
Replace t's in the middle of words with glottal stops: e.g. bottle = bo'uhl
ah in words such as "cot" -> (round your lips when you say this)
oo -> (completely unround your lips when you say this)
Use intrusive "R" but no linking r:
Thus "The car is" -> The cah is
America is -> Americker is
Use me instead of "my"
Use ain't instead of isn't
very -> veddy
If -y comes at the end of a word, such as in "happy", pronounce it as a lax "i", like in "it", but raise the pitch of your voice
Pronounce Mary, merry and marry as [ m{rI ] with /{/ being the vowel in "cat"
Pronounce hurry, and furry as huh-rI and fuh-rI. With the "I" being like in "in". Raise the pitch of your voice for the second syllable.
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look at www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer and watch an episode of East Enders.
or try youtube?
Thanks - this is very helpfl. Much appreciate - Bz from Baltimore
U should watch eastenders which is a soap opera over her in england....Emotion: smile
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