If 'china plate' means 'mate', and 'trouble and strife' means 'wife', then what do these mean?
'Barnet Fair', 'boat race', 'mince pies', 'Duke of Montrose', 'Norf and Sarf' (North and South) CLUE; they can all be found on the head.
. Thanks to Johnbonn for the facial terms.
Does anyone know any others?
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Barnet Fair' - hair
'boat race' - face
'mince pies' - eyes
'Duke of Montrose' - nose
'Norf and Sarf' - mouth

How about:-

Dog and bone - phone
Plates of meat - feet
Gregory Peck - neck

One for you to guess:-

Richard the Third?

I won't even start with the really rude ones!

In the UK we have a television programme called "Is Harry on the Boat"!
Is Richard the Third - 'nerd' or 'turd'? Emotion: stick out tongue
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The latter! And I apologise! Emotion: wink
Thanks Alt! That's a really really really useful one!
In South Africa, they say China instead of mate. Perharps it comes from the expression 'me old China plate'?
Emotion: tongue tied
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Hey China, I am in the UK, and I haven't seen this 'in a boat' program?
Hi Southafrica,
'in a a boat program'?
I'm scratching my head here. What does it mean?
Cheers China,

At ages 17-18 I worked as an assistant for a commercial photographer from the East End of London. He always used to say, "Nice Bristols" to the female models who came to the studio for a photo shoot.

He liked saying this to them because they did not know what he was talking about. He always loved saying things to create confused looks on people's faces. That is one reason I quit the job after 8 months. Too much stress. Who needs it?

Bristol and West = Chest

Bristol Cities= Guess Emotion: wink

Cockney rhyming slang web site [url="http://www.cockneyrhymingslang.co.uk /"]HERE[/url]

BTW (by the way):

Cockney rhyming slang was originally created by villian or baddie types in London's Soho area so that they could discuss their illegal activities in public places such as the pub without other people being able to understand what they were saying. The more modern USA rap or hiphop slang was created for the same reason. That is why I do not use it. I do not find criminals cute or cool or in any way worthy of emulation or imitation.

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