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Hi there,

I do understand why you want to do this research online. However, even if there will be some advantages, there will be disadvantages too, such as: you will get professionals answering your questions no better than in the literature; if not professionals, people who would like to be helpful would look up in the internet and give you ingenuine answer in the sense that they wouln't be theirs.

I suggest that you do this research online if it helps, but also do a face-to-face research, at least you will have something to compare in your data analysis. Besides, face-to-face results will be more genuine and reliable, more spontanious than online.

On the other hand, even if you get only say 20 people who speak those languages in the target area, this will be your discovery too, meaning that you will have data that shows the statistical evidence on how many people speak those languages. Whether there are many or few multilinguals, it is still a discovery of your research, so do not disregard face-to-face interviews, no matter what.

Hope this helps.
hey there, I don't know where u r in your project right now. I' d like to know the name of your facebook page that I can participate in this project. Thanx
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Hi Shama 1) I'm Tunisian 2) I'm interested in CS 3) I'm working on my MA in Education 4) I'm trilingual ( of course) 5) I will very happy to be a participant ( sample) 6) I would be happier if we could discuss issues relating to CS because right now I'm working on a research proposal on code switching.
Oh my God I was so surprised and excited that I didn't introduce my self. My name is Ali. I live in the UAE. I've been teaching English for 18 yrs, and here's my email address Email Removed
AnonymousMy name is Ali. I live in the UAE. I've been teaching English for 18 yrs, and here's my email address
Ali, this thread was started in 2011, and the last post to it was in 2012.
By the way, the system automatically removes email addresses from posts to hide them from spammers.
Nice job ,pleas contact with my by Email Removed
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