Clark Kent and Lois Lane get a job as hosts of a morning show called 'Good Morning, Metropolis'.

Chloe: So, what's your first story?
Clark: Online dating.
They want us to tape ourselves on dates, Record their dates?

send them to the Internet (like Youtube or something?) and then
coffee-talk (Discuss?) about them on the show.
Chloe: Wow. Tackling morning television Challenging show?
to get back into Lois' good graces. To make Lois forgive him?
Tape ourselves - yes, record.

Send them to the internet - I guess this is a videotape, so yes, sounds like something like YouTube.

Coffee-talk - I've never heard this in my life. But it definitely sounds like the kind of chit-chat one does over coffee on those awful morning shows. The opposite of an intense, intellectual discussion Emotion: smile (BTW have you ever watched the videos on www.theonion.com? They do spoofs of several different types of TV news shows, and the "morning show" is one of my favorites.)

Tackling morning television - "tackling" anything implies that it is a formidable opponent and that you are exerting yourself to fight it, just the way an American football player dives into a tackle with all his strength. So yes, the show is challenging, but perhaps only because morning television is distasteful, or because you have to get up before dawn.

Good graces - yes. A vulgar expression for the opposite of "to be in someone's good graces" is "to be on someone's sh*t list."
Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.
Thank, D!
I checked www.theonion.com but it did not open any video.
Is it for US territory only?
The Onion is a fake news comedy site - you should see a link to their video collection in the menu at the top of the page. I dont' think it's only for US - I hope not Emotion: smile

Here's one of my favorites:

(warning - there's some bad language)
No, sorry. It loads and stays black screen. And there's sth like Twitter, Embed etc.
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Oh dear. Well, I don't know enough about the international internet to advise. sorry.