what does coherent really mean? i read up on it and i sorta want to get more in depth with it so if anyone can help that would be great. but first off what do they mean by using repetition of key words ,synonyms , pronouns,transitions,and sentence patterns
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Ok, what about just writing sentences. For example I wrote: Me and my My brother and I like to play video games.

So if i wanted to write another coherent sentence that follows the first sentence, does it have to be about video games?

Well, it depends on your theme. Another sentence about video games is fine.
But your theme could be about your family..

My brother and I like to play video games. But my mom says that we should do our homework first and read a story book to our little sister.
@alpheccastars could the theme be about anything else? or does it have to relate to the family or video game situation in the sentences above?
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If you are writing random sentences, you can write "My dog ate my homework." or "I am going to vote for Harry as calls president." or anything else.
If you are writing an essay, then yes, you have to write something related to your essay's theme. If your essay is about "Public transportation in Europe", "Are Video Games are Bad for You?" or "Back Yard Bird-watching", or "Schools should ban Vending Machines" then all your sentences should be something related to the topic you have chosen..