What does collect yourself mean?

Hi Hrsanei,

It means: "return yourself to a state of composure", "get hold of your emotions", "pull everything together","get organized".

Hope this helps.

Thanks John. I think for getting hold of the emotion contain yourself can be used. Am I right?

These two expressions sound confusing, would you explain each so I can use them properly?

For instance when someone is crying what would we tell him?

Ex. Come on. contain your emotions or collect yourself

Would you give situation for each expression?

Thank you very much
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I doubt that I would ever use "contain your emotions" because it seems so lacking in compassion and empathy. It sounds like something a school headmaster might say to an errant student that he does not care for.

When someone is crying they are obviously very upset. Saying "contain your emotions" sounds almost rude to me. "Collect yourself" is only slightly better - it is less commanding than "contain...."

To someone who is crying, I would say "try to compose yourself" or "calm yourself, dear" or simply "Ohh, there, there what's the matter"?

I would avoid "commanding" someone who is crying. Commanding phrases have no sympathy. You might as well say "Oh shut up. Stop that crying".

Hope this helps.

Thanks John.
Hi John.

What about pull yourself together? Is it similar to collect yourself?

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Hi hrsanei

Yes, I'd say it's similar.

Best regards,