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what is the collective noun for group of religious people
If they are Christian you can say the church. If they are not necessarily Christian you might say 'the faithfull' or, a following. There may be other better words, but I can't think of any right now. I will keep thinking.
If they have assembled for the purpose of worship, it's a congregation. You could also say an assembly, but an assembly is not specifically for worship.
Hmmmmm, there must be other words for this.
Sikh community, Muslim community. Christian community.
Interesting: Muslims call Jews and Christians 'People of the Book'
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a very interesting interesting topic... i have heard "flock" as a biblical reference to sheep (followers of jesus). for catholics, one speaks collectively of the "parishoners". the "faithful" (one "L") is another very general term. it depends on how big the collectivity is... for other religions, i look forward to reading!
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Monks – abomination, cloister, or brethren while a group of monks living together are known as a monastery.
Mass of priests
skulk of friars
superfluity of nuns


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Congregation.... Is the answer

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