I am one of the men who collects/collect the garbage.

I am one of the group that designs/design our booster rockets.

I am one of a type which is/are allergic to cats.

I am one of a school which rejects/reject violence.

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And 'never'. Yep.
Cool Breeze A Google search for "of the type who are" gives 34,000 hits and "the type who are" gives 289,000 hits.
Hi, CB.
Taking your first red "are" as an "is," this search is a little too "unrestricted" to catch my point. (I haven't rerun your check to see if the "of" is included or makes a difference.)
It may also be that the choice of pronoun influences the results.

Taking into account MrM's sense that "type" is usually singular, and Ivanhr's info that it's the determiner of "type" which selects the verb, I'm off on a different tack.
I'm reminded now of those cases where both a singular and a plural are involved, and proximity determines the choice of verb.

My original focus was a bit different. Learners are often advised on EF that the choice of verb following a collective noun rests with the author. How does he think of it?
My point was, if I say "I am one of a type/school that/which/who," I'm indicating by this language that I consider the noun to be plural. I am one of them.
I'm now persuaded that this argument doesn't hold water.

Thank you all very much for your thoughtful contributions!Emotion: smile
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